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About Lorenne


Lorenne grew up in Northern Manitoba and spent much of her young life exploring the woods. It has always been her fascination to learn what things are, how they grow and what relationships can be made with plants. Some of her earliest memories of foraging were collecting Labrador tea with her father and soaking in the aroma. 


As a young adult she continued to spend much of her time in the woods, living off grid and relying largely on nature. During her environmental education she excelled in botany and her interest in learning more has never ceased. After much self study and participating in herbal programs such as those from Wild Rose College, Lorenne now shares her knowledge and love for nature with everyone around her. 

Currently Lorenne leads students through environmental learning and continues to encourage a love for nature and excitement for our relationship with plants. Joining Lorenne for a leisurely hike always becomes a learning adventure as her excitedness for what’s growing around us would lead to groups of people crawling in the forest to investigate subtle mosses, mushrooms and other botanical wonders of nature. 

Lorenne organizes walks and workshops where she can share her love for plants with others. She also offers 1:1 and group tutoring to help others expand their knowledge and love the process.

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