Boreal Forage Workshops

Guided Foraging Classes

Learn how to identify, harvest and use wild plants for food and medicine.

Watch for upcoming special events such as the "Fish Creek Botanical Walk" August 28th in the Fish Creek Community Forest in Fort St. John.


When I was a child and imagined myself in the future I would always envision a home filled with bouquets of fragrant herbs strung from rafters like banners of seasonal celebration, the wafting aroma of florals and spice and jars of elixirs and infusions filling every possible ounce of space in window sills, catching light and casting rainbows. 

 I Am Here!

Foraging has always been my passion. As a toddler with pine cones and flowers in my pocket, and now as an adult with pine cones and flowers in my pockets, and purse or bundled into my shirt... 

There is such a pleasantly grounding feeling when sticking your nose deep into a jar of fragrant wild rose petals and breathing in that blissful scent. As well, when you bite into a roasted grouse rolling in a wild mushroom butter sauce, marinated and seasoned to perfection from the wonders of the forest spice rack.

Salivating yet?

I want to share this with you all!

Journey with me down the trails and under the brush where nature provides and the fairy rings grow.


Upcoming Event

Botanical Walk
Aug 28, 11:00 a.m.
Fish Creek Community Forest

Past Events

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